Ari Herstand

Hey Ari! Recently read your article on different online distributors. You say at the bottom that your readers can give you a 'tip'. It's probably right in front of me, but I could not find where to go on the page to do that. I'm a 22 year old cruise ship musician and just finished booking a two month tour from GA to NY, then all the way to CA. I feel like reading your advice is going to help me book my next tour (when I get off from my next contract in July) way better than this one. THANK YOU!! Angie Keilhauer (

Ari Herstand responded on 02/02/2014

You can do that here:

It's the open guitar case Leave A Tip button on the bottom bar of the site. I just added the link to the word just in case others couldn't find it. thanks!!

Best of luck on the tour! :)

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